Jean Bardon, Artist & Printmaker

Projects & Commissions

Ile d'Hiver, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 2009

Illumination I (Sold out), etching with gold leaf, paper:49cm x 73cm, image:26cm x 55cm, Edition of 10

Pattern, in particular blue and white pattern, has often proved inspirational to me, therefore I was delighted to discover, among the many treasures at the National Museum at Collin's Barracks, a collection of mid 18th century Irish Delftware, the majority of it emanating from the establishment of Henry Delamain, which operated in Dublin between 1752 and 1760. Most of the collection is comprised of platters, often octagonal in shape, and various tureens. I have borrowed some of the Chinoiserie patterns, so fashionable at the time, and applied them to the jars in my etchings. The decorative borders and gold leaf refer back to the great monastic tradition of illuminated manuscripts.